Large Square Cupcake Stand Bundle


Our large Square Cupcake Stand comes with 3 sets of bases so you can make all 5 size cupcake stands! Also comes with our new tiny square topper making it a 6 tier square cupcake stand! Great option for cake decorators and caterers!

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With this cupcake stand 6 tier bundle, you will receive our large square cupcake stand, plus one more tier called a tiny square topper. The Large Square Cupcake Stand Bundle comes with the bases for the small square cupcake stand, medium square cupcake stand, and large square cupcake stand. You have the option of making at least 5 different size cupcake stands: Mini, Tiny, Small, Medium, and Large. Great option for cake decorators, caterers, wedding planners, or just anyone that has lots of parties and likes the option of making all 5 sizes. Each Large Square Cupcake Stand Bundle:  
  • You will receive our largest cupcake stand that has 6 tiers, including our new tiny topper (8″x8″, 11″x11″, 15″x15″, 19″x19″, 23″x23″, and 27″x27″)
  • Holds 257 standard size cupcakes.
  • The bases for the small, medium, and large cupcake stands, so you can make all 5 sizes: Mini, Tiny, small, medium, and large.
  • Square design with rounded corners.
  • When put together stands 28″ high.
  • Centers are 4 1/2 inches and slide apart to fold flat for easy and very convenient travel and storage, making this a very portable large cupcake stand.
  • You can add or remove layers (or tiers) making it perfect for events of all different sizes.
  • Is made from durable wood called melamine, which is not just durable, it has a laminate coating like a countertop. so cleaning up those messy little cupcakes is quick and easy!
  • Is ready to use and looks beautiful with or without ribbon.
  • Designed so ribbon can be added and removed easily to use over and over with unlimited design potential.
  • Each layer of this cupcake stand 6 tier bundle is 1/2″ thick- the perfect size for finding the biggest selection of ribbons that won’t break the bank! (5/8″ ribbon works perfectly!)

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Dimensions 32.0000 × 32.0000 × 9.0000 in