Luau Themed Push Pops

Aloha! My youngest daughter Macy, came home from school with a note from her teacher saying that they have been so good, that she was going to throw a Luau party for them. She wanted to know if any of the parents wanted to bring in something fun for it. A light bulb went off! Yes, that happens from time to time, and trust me my oldest Daughter Megan HATES it when that happens, because it usually involves her helping! :) This is what I came up with!
I made blue, orange, and pink cake, in bright vibrant colors.  After trying out different ways to layer the cake, I found this way to be the prettiest. There is nothing in between each cake layer, just green frosting on top.
I thought it needed a flower on top. If I would of had more time, I would have made a pretty fondant flower, but I was in a HUGE rush, so I just made a flower with yellow frosting. I put a little bit of orange frosting in the middle, and took a corn on the cob holder, (hey, don’t judge! lol! That’s the only thing small and pointy I could come up with! :) )and pull the orange into each petal. Then I put a small orange candy in the middle.
So for the grass skirts, this is where my 15 year old daughter came in. :) We took hair ponies that we bought from the dollar store, and tied strips of green curling ribbon to them. I’m not going to lie….it was a bit of a pain. It wouldn’t have been so hard if we had more time. My youngest daughter Macy brought home the note on a Wednesday afternoon, and we had to have them there by Friday morning. So we were under pressure! Anyway, after we got all of the ribbon on them, I trimmed them up a bit to make them look a little bit even. I found some silk flowers that were perfect for them! So I hot glued them on the skirts.
Here’s Macy all ready for her Luau party! Her teacher freaked out when she saw them! A lot of people haven’t seen push pops yet, so she was so excited! I don’t always get to go on field trips, or help out in my kids classrooms, but I do try to send in fun treats when I can. The kids (and adults) love it!
Just had to share this picture! I thought it was funny! Gotta love Michigan in the winter! :)

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