One of our favorite customers, my cousin and best friend, is going to be a grandma for the first time! Yay! She is so excited! Her first grand-baby is a girl. She got to help throw the baby shower over this past weekend. It was beautiful! She made it so special for the expecting couple. This is one lucky little girl to have a grandma like her!
Isn’t this gorgeous! I am so in love with this baby shower cupcake stand! She handmade the tutu. The cupcakes have little onesies, buttons, and bibs. So cute!
  kristen2 Beautiful dessert table! She had cake pop favors, and tons of pink candy! She bought the beautiful banner on Esty. kristen5 Thank you Kristen for sharing pictures of your granddaughters beautiful baby shower! It was beautiful!

Ok, this has to be one of the CUTEST birthday parties ever! One of our super creative customers shared a picture on our Facebook page of a cupcake stand she did for her God daughters first birthday party. It was seriously so cute, I asked for more pictures! The theme was “Monsters” and the lucky birthday girl is the cutest “little monster” around!
This is Brielle. She is seriously so cute.
This has got to be the cutest idea ever! Our customer Jennifer from Jenny’s Babykakes made this. She hand shaped the chocolate dipped rice krispy treats. What a great idea! She also made the adorable monster cookies!! I can’t even tell you how much I love this!
Brielle’s mommy even decorated the chip bowl like a monster! So creative and so adorable! Love the birthday banner!  
What an adorable monster birthday cake and cupcakes!! Even the table cloth is super cute!
Seriously! How stinking cute is this! What a great idea!
Monster bacon & cheese balls!  These crack me up! Oh the cuteness!
Brielle’s mommy made these monster stands and bean bag game. Another great idea!
Thank you to our wonderful customer Jennifer for sharing these adorable pictures with us! And thank you to Brielle for being the cutest little monster, and to her mommy Melissa for sharing your beautiful daughters first birthday party with us! You are so very creative!  Every detail was so cute and perfect! :)  

To celebrate the Detroit Tigers opening day, I thought I’d share some pictures of a Detroit Tiger Comerica Park cake I made back in September 2010. It was a wedding cake for the worlds biggest Tiger fans! I was so nervous to make it! It was by far the most challenging cake that I made, but it was also the most rewarding! I am still getting emails inquiring about this cake, and each one makes my day! I actually just got a message from the bride a couple weeks ago, thanking me for the cake, and to let me know people were still talking about it! I was thrilled! It’s so awesome to know that something I made, made such an impact in their lives! Every hour (and there was a lot of them!) was so worth it! I think the ultimate compliment was when I discovered the Detroit Tigers pinned it on Pinterest! I almost died!! I was beyond thrilled!! :)

My 10 year old son Matthew, is crazy about the video game Minecraft. I would say he has a bit of an obsession! So, of course for his 10th birthday he wanted everything Minecraft. His special day started off like this when he woke up. rsz_img_8039   When he came down for breakfast the morning of his birthday, I had these waiting for him. I used a black sharpie and made the Creeper faces. I’m not going to lie….that was scarier then opening a can of crescent rolls! One did pop on me, and I almost had a heart attack!   It’s a tradition in our house to have “birthday pancakes” for breakfast. The kids get a mini pancake for every year old they are. So he had a little stack of 10. I made green pancakes, cute off the edges so they were in the shape of a square/rectangles. Then with dark chocolate frosting, I drew a Creeper face on the top one. He loved them so much! I love making their day so special for them!
For his birthday snack at school, I made Creeper brownies.

Now, for the birthday party!!!

I hadn’t made a cake with fondant in over 2 years, so I was super nervous I would mess it up! I bought red fondant and mixed some black in it. Put a white strip around the cake, and free handed the TNT letters. For the top, I just cut out some black squares and made a pattern. Then I took a short piece of black licorice, cut in at the end so it looked more like a wick. I wrapped the bottom in black fondant, and attached a long piece of black licorice to it, and stuck it on the top of the cake.
Here’s what the entire table looked like.
Licorice TNT’s ~ Red licorice with a piece of black licorice for the wick. I typed a whole bunch of TNT’s, cut them in strips, then wrapped them around the licorice bunches.
Torches ~ Twisted pretzels
Gold ~ Rolo’s
  Zombie Boogers ~ Green Grapes
Creeper Juice ~ Green Gatorade with the labels removed, then I made a Creeper face on them with a black sharpie.
Creeper Marshmallow Pops ~ Marshmallows dipped in green Wilton candy melts. After they dried, I made a Creeper face with melted chocolate. The awesome chevron paper straws are from Sweets and Treats Boutique. 
Grass Blocks ~ Coco Rice Krispies with green frosting grass
Creeper Cupcakes ~ These were the easiest cupcakes ever! I found an awesome free printable at The Party Animal. I printed them out on card stock paper for the cupcakes, but then I also printed out a bunch for the food labels. It worked out perfect, and I was so happy I found it!
I found this great site that has EVERY Minecraft character printable. Some of them are a little bit of a pain to make, but a lot of them, like the blocks, are super easy. I actually wanted to have a whole bunch of them made up, but I ran out of time. :) You can find the printable characters at Instructables
Creeper Gift Bags ~ Sharpie again! My youngest daughter Macy had a friend over, so I made theirs with eyelashes. :)
I decorated the house with green and black streamers, then using the same Creeper print out for the cupcakes, I also used to decorate with.
Steve Heads ~ These were the HIT of the party! The kids LOVED them! These buggers are expensive to buy! So I was over the moon happy when I found this AMAZING tutorial on how to make them. I spent a little over $2 each on them! You can find it at STEVELANGE.NET  Make sure you read in the comments. I was kind of lost until I read helpful hints there. We bought our boxes at Kinkos. The box sizes are 11x11x11
Birthday boy Matthew and his sister Macy!
The boys with their Steve heads. They had so much fun with them, and their Nerf guns! I am still finding the little foam Nerf bullets everywhere!
What would a TNT cake be without a sparkler in it? The boys were so excited, and they were convinced the cake was going to explode!
I hope you enjoyed Matthew’s 10th birthday party! We had lots of fun! Everything was very simple to do. I am such a last minute mom, it’s always the number one thing on my New Year’s resolution list each year! I went shopping on Thursday morning for everything, started making everything Thursday night, and the party was on Saturday. So, if you are a lot more organized, all of this stuff would be very simple to do!
February 22, 2013
Luau Themed Push Pops
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Aloha! My youngest daughter Macy, came home from school with a note from her teacher saying that they have been so good, that she was going to throw a Luau party for them. She wanted to know if any of the parents wanted to bring in something fun for it. A light bulb went off! Yes, that happens from time to time, and trust me my oldest Daughter Megan HATES it when that happens, because it usually involves her helping! :) This is what I came up with!
I made blue, orange, and pink cake, in bright vibrant colors.  After trying out different ways to layer the cake, I found this way to be the prettiest. There is nothing in between each cake layer, just green frosting on top.
I thought it needed a flower on top. If I would of had more time, I would have made a pretty fondant flower, but I was in a HUGE rush, so I just made a flower with yellow frosting. I put a little bit of orange frosting in the middle, and took a corn on the cob holder, (hey, don’t judge! lol! That’s the only thing small and pointy I could come up with! :) )and pull the orange into each petal. Then I put a small orange candy in the middle.
So for the grass skirts, this is where my 15 year old daughter came in. :) We took hair ponies that we bought from the dollar store, and tied strips of green curling ribbon to them. I’m not going to lie….it was a bit of a pain. It wouldn’t have been so hard if we had more time. My youngest daughter Macy brought home the note on a Wednesday afternoon, and we had to have them there by Friday morning. So we were under pressure! Anyway, after we got all of the ribbon on them, I trimmed them up a bit to make them look a little bit even. I found some silk flowers that were perfect for them! So I hot glued them on the skirts.
Here’s Macy all ready for her Luau party! Her teacher freaked out when she saw them! A lot of people haven’t seen push pops yet, so she was so excited! I don’t always get to go on field trips, or help out in my kids classrooms, but I do try to send in fun treats when I can. The kids (and adults) love it!
Just had to share this picture! I thought it was funny! Gotta love Michigan in the winter! :)